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Active & Sensory Play 
- parachute, scarves, bean bags, jumping sacks    

sensory discs, rhythm & musical instrument sets, and more.
Learning Skill - Daily physical activity is part of a child's foundation for life.
Children's and Teacher's Books - Many different titles across the curriculum
giving ideas for circle time, art, math, science, learning disabilities, potty-
training, recipes, learning environments and more.
Learning Skill - Parents are learners too! Understanding ways to encourage
learning will ensure that your child gets off to a 'great start'
Professional Resources
CD's /DVD's - Includes such performers as Greg & Steve and Hap Palmer,
as well as various genres such as creative movement, multicultural, curriculum
connections, nursery rhymes and nature
Learning Skill - Promotes listening & rhythm skills, following directions, and
exposure to the arts
CDs & DVDs
Puppets - Groups include:  Animal Pals, Multicultural Friends, Community
Helpers, Everyday People, Finger Puppets
Learning Skill - Dramatic play develops self-awareness and offers children the
opportunity to discuss feelings, act out stories, and develop oral lanuguage skills
Puzzles - Categories include: Animals Up close, Children of the World,
Moods & Emotions, Seasons, Weather & Bugs.
Learning Skill - develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
Storytelling - 16 Story bags featuring a book and its character, 6 storytelling
kits give opportunities to retell favorite stories.
Learning Skill - cognitive skills, receptive and oral language developement
Learning Games & Activities - Many different manipulatives teaching
ABC's Counting, Shapes, Colors, Patterns, Nutrition and Self-Care.
Learning Skill - Using a hands-on approach to teach basic skills gives a
solid learning foundation to build upon
Learning Games & Activities